Supply And Demand

Michelle DeIasi, Development Project Manager of Noah’s Ark Development reviews the necessary resources you will need to perform your own Supply & Demand study. She takes the viewer through a step-by-step process of how to create the demand equation from scratch as well as the best demographic services to use in the process. DeIasi also explains the process of identifying a trade area for your site.
We understand lives get busy and sometimes finishing an entire lesson in one sitting is not an option. You will have 6 full months to view the lesson.

Duration: 19 mins

What’s Covered

  • Overview
    • Necessary Resources
    • The Demand Equation
    • Finding the Trade Area
  • Necessary Resources
    • Accurate Demographic Information
    • Forecast Demand for your Market
  • Demographic Services
    • REGIS™ by SitesUSA
    • ALLOCATE by Spatial Re-engineering Consultants (SRC)
    • SiteReports by Claritas
    • Demographic Reports by Buy Demographics
    • Census
  • Types of Demographic Reports
    • Census Report
    • Postal Count Data
  • Postal Counts vs Census Counts
  • Forecast Demand
    • Self Storage Almanac by MiniCo Publishing
    • Supply Index by Net Rentable Sq Ft per person
    • Market Equilibrium by CBSA (Core Based Statistical Area)
  • Demand Equation
  • Traffic Generators; Identify local traffic generators
  • Traffic Patterns
    • Traffic Generators
    • Drive the market
    • Traffic Counts
  • Trade Area
  • Your goal
  • Trade Area Equation

Study Materials Included


The presentation is available 24-hours a day, for your 6-month rental period. Watch it at your own pace, until you have completed the course.


The slides are available for print out in Adobe Acrobat form. When you print them out, each one will comprise half of the page, with the other half reserved for notes.