Supply And Demand

Michelle DeIasi, Development Project Manager of Noah’s Ark Development reviews the necessary resources you will need to perform your own Supply & Demand study. She takes the viewer through a step-by-step process of how to create the demand equation from scratch as well as the best demographic services to use in the process. DeIasi also explains the process of identifying a trade area for your site.
We understand lives get busy and sometimes finishing an entire lesson in one sitting is not an option. You will have 6 full months to view the lesson.

Duration: 19 mins

What’s Covered

  • Overview
    • Necessary Resources
    • The Demand Equation
    • Finding the Trade Area
  • Necessary Resources
    • Accurate Demographic Information
    • Forecast Demand for your Market
  • Demographic Services
    • REGIS™ by SitesUSA
    • ALLOCATE by Spatial Re-engineering Consultants (SRC)
    • SiteReports by Claritas
    • Demographic Reports by Buy Demographics
    • Census
  • Types of Demographic Reports
    • Census Report
    • Postal Count Data
  • Postal Counts vs Census Counts
  • Forecast Demand
    • Self Storage Almanac by MiniCo Publishing
    • Supply Index by Net Rentable Sq Ft per person
    • Market Equilibrium by CBSA (Core Based Statistical Area)
  • Demand Equation
  • Traffic Generators; Identify local traffic generators
  • Traffic Patterns
    • Traffic Generators
    • Drive the market
    • Traffic Counts
  • Trade Area
  • Your goal
  • Trade Area Equation