Performing A Store Audit

Audits are proof of the old adage “that which gets checked, gets done”. Routine inspections are a teaching tool to employees on how to enhance or correct their performance, and a safeguard of the owners trust. Details of financial, procedural and maintenance audits are revealed in this complete auditing summary.

Duration: 22 mins

What’s Covered

  • Objective
    • Insure procedures are being followed
    • Monitor performance of employee
    • Protect the owner from theft or neglect
  • When to Perform An Audit
    • Quarterly
    • Middle of the Month
    • Manager change
    • Employee evaluation
    • Suspicion of wrongdoing
  • Checklists
    • Reports
    • Units
    • Overall Priority Checklist
    • Office
    • Tenant Files
    • Delinquency
    • Miscellaneous
  • Review Findings

Study Materials Included


The presentation is available 24-hours a day, for your 6-month rental period. Watch it at your own pace, until you have completed the course.


The slides are available for print out in Adobe Acrobat form. When you print them out, each one will comprise half of the page, with the other half reserved for notes.