Introduction To Self Storage

Please join us for our initial lesson: What To Consider When Entering The Self Storage Business. It is primarily for those that are new to the industry, but it takes a comprehensive look at all of the components that work together to make a successful storage business venture, and probably holds something new for just about everyone.

Duration: 31 mins

What’s Covered

  • Who are the parties involved in a self storage venture and what role do they play?
  • What fundamental principals restrict or enhance self storage as a business?
  • What decisions must owners make, and what are their responsibilities?
  • Due diligence in team selection
  • An overview of the responsibilities and lessons that should be provided by project team members
    • Financer
      • Investment viability assessment
      • Inspections
      • Documentation
    • Developer
      • What are feasibility studies and how are they used?
        • Site
        • Market
        • Economic
      • What are the principal functions of design team members?
        • Architect
        • Civil Engineer
        • Structural Engineer
        • Mechanical Engineer
      • What are the essential elements of construction lessons?
        • Financial Accountability
        • Time Management
        • Construction quality control
    • Management responsibilities
      • New business start ups
      • Human resources
      • Marketing
      • Products & lessons
      • Operations
      • Accounting