From Concept To Completion

Follow the path of self storage construction with an industry expert. Mike Parham presents a pictorial case study of a new Noah’s Ark Self Storage facility. See the project progress as each construction element is described in detail. Follow the sequence of events from conception to completion, renderings to reality!

Duration: 25 mins

What’s Covered

  • Purpose: to demonstrate the sequences of events
    • Conception
    • Through site Planning
    • To completion of Construction
  • Case Study – Noah’s Ark Self Storage Landstar Blvd, Orlando, FL.
    • Size if site: 5 acres
    • Price: $1,000,000
    • Square Footage to be build: 101,000sf
    • Non Climate Control: 50%
    • Climate Control: 50%
  • Begins after all development due diligence points to:
    • Visualization of what can be placed on the site
    • Office & building layouts
    • Entries, parking, & security gate locations
    • Drive widths, turning radiuses, & bollard locations
    • Fencing, columns, trash dumpster, etc.
  • Visualization of Building Elevations
    • Office exterior elevations
    • Storage buildings exterior elevations
  • Visualization by use of colored site plan rendering
    • Site Work – Month 1
    • Concrete – Month 2
    • Building Framing – Month 3
    • Building Framing & Roof – Month 4
    • Building Second Floor Frame – Month 5
    • Site & Building Exterior Finish – Month 6
    • Completion – Month 6
    • Final Completion – Month 7
  • Plans vs Project

Study Materials Included


The presentation is available 24-hours a day, for your 6-month rental period. Watch it at your own pace, until you have completed the course.


The slides are available for print out in Adobe Acrobat form. When you print them out, each one will comprise half of the page, with the other half reserved for notes.