Self Storage Development You Can Trust

Noah’s Ark Development has been successful in all areas of self storage development. We build successful businesses whether it be a third party development, joint ventures, portfolio expansion, or a chain development. Noah’s Ark Development is a leader in the self storage industry for turn-key development. The Parham Group companies can address all of your development needs and can provide you with enough experience to take your facility from conception to completion.

Development Services

  • Third Party Development: Noah’s Ark Development has produced self storage facilities for many major chains and individuals employing the same standards and quality control measures that we incorporate into our own projects. The three Parham Group companies have developed 50+ facilities, built over 300 and managed our own chain of Noah’s Ark Self Storages.
  • Joint Ventures: We will not do any project unless we know that it will be successful. Knowing what creates success is what allows us to do joint venture projects. In full turnkey service, Noah’s Ark Development collaborates with the landowners to create and produce self storage businesses.
  • Portfolio Expansion: Noah’s Ark Development assists in portfolio expansion by locating and evaluating properties that meet portfolio owner criteria. Noah’s Ark Development assists in increasing market share through strategic planning and the purchase and sale of properties.
  • Chain Development: Chain development differs from portfolio enhancement in that branding is important. Trust and desirability earned by one self storage location can be transferred to others of the same image.