Self Storage Consulting & Development SupportSelf Storage Consulting Brings Results

Noah’s Ark Development offers a broad range of self storage consulting services designed to get you started, and we’re one of the industry leaders in third-party and turnkey development. No self storage investment is sound without a thorough investigation and analysis of the market, site, and economics.

Efficiency and Effectiveness Is Our Specialty

We use our decades of expertise to interpret and produce comprehensive documentation that explains the feasibility. Each consulting step in the development process builds upon the previous step. We call this a “go/no-go” process, meaning each consulting step in the development process builds upon the previous step.

Self Storage Consulting Process

  • Radius Study: A self storage radius study is the first step in the analysis of any site. Whether this is your first time in the industry or your third development, this is the most important stage of consulting. All subsequent services will build from the information discovered during this phase.
  • Trade Area Site Study: A trade area study is ideal for those who have already performed preliminary research on the site in question. This is the next consulting step after identifying the site is in a market with excess self storage demand.
  • Site Plan & Unit Mix: Site and unit mix planning go hand in hand. From the existing topography, a business is created that is dedicated to serving the clientele of that particular market.
  • Economic Feasibility: When seeking financing for the creation of a self storage project, a financier requires a demonstration, on paper, that the loan will be a sound investment. Noah’s Ark consulting experts have prepared hundreds of economic feasibilities. We know what financial institutions need, and we assist clients in obtaining interim and permanent financing with our self storage consulting services.