Site Plan & Unit Mix for Self Storage

Site plan and unit mix planning go hand in hand for self storage units. From existing topography, a business is created that is dedicated to serve to the clientele of that particular market. The facility is subject to all local governmental and environmental requirements, and it must serve the needs and mindset of the potential client.

The goal is to shape the maximum income-generating square footage possible within the restraints of the natural contours of the property. Site Planning and unit mix is the most essential element of building an effective product. Many factors go into site and unit mix planning.

Maximize Your Self Storage ROI

Site planning and unit mix is the most essential element of building an effective product. Working with regulatory authorities, incorporating market analysis findings, understanding construction costs, and incorporating amenities unique to self storage sales, are all part of generating a site plan and unit mix that maximizes the owner’s return on investment.

A proper site plan and unit mix is the backbone of any self storage project. The biggest misconception with creating a site plan & unit mix is that any architect, metal building company, or civil engineer can create one. It is vital to have a professional within the self storage industry create your unit mix as it will determine the gross revenue of your facility. The most effective unit mix will be based on the demographics within your market to achieve the maximum potential of the facility.

Site Plan & Unit Mix Services

  • Determining Jurisdictional Requirements
    • Setbacks
    • Landscape Buffers
    • Detention Ponds
    • Fire Code Compliance
    • Aesthetics, Etc.
  • Determining Civil Engineering Requirements
    • Existing Grades
    • Utilities
    • Storm Drainage
  • Competition Amenities Evaluation
  • Customer Needs Evaluation