self-storage-facility-managementSelf Storage Facility Third Party Management

If you own a self storage property but don’t have the manpower or time to focus on the daily operation of the business, a third party management company might be the solution for you. From hiring and training the right personnel to property maintenance and bookkeeping our team will put in place the people and systems necessary to help your business thrive. Benefit from the decades of experience that Joshua Management offers to self storage owners.

Management Services We Offer

On-Site Management – A Manager under Joshua Management will be employed and trained to be responsible for the day to day business and leasing.

Employee Development and HR – All employee issues and training will be handled by our team to ensure a successful and great work environment.

Property Upkeep and Repairs – Every property is different and may require special upkeep and repairs from time to time. We will identify and execute all upkeep and repair needs.

Leasing and Rental Collections – Joshua Management will handle all leasing and customer needs, as well as collecting on all rents.

Law Compliance – Laws change constantly, and we will ensure that each property is adhering to local, state, and federal laws.

Financial Responsibility – Joshua Management will be responsible for the proper deposit and application of funds received, as well as creating and managing all bank accounts needed by the property.

Bookkeeping and Records – Detailed records of deposits and receipts will be kept by Joshua Management.

Budget Conscious – Joshua Management will release monthly profit and loss statements as well as an annual proposed budget for the promotion, operation, repair, and maintenance of the property.

Loans, Taxes, and Insurance – Joshua Management will apply revenues generated by the property toward servicing all loans, taxes, payroll, and insurance.

Auditing and Review – Joshua Management will ensure smooth operations with daily and annual auditing.

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