Product Sales & Services

The changing landscape of the self storage industry has made product sales and services more important than ever. Getting back to the basics – likes and dislikes, lifestyles and habits – is now essential to running a successful self storage business. Your customers need to perceive that your facility is safe, convenient and priced at a good deal for them to feel valued and happy.

They key to the successful self storage business owner will be the understanding of customers and the market in which they live. They will need to put themselves in the place of the customers and ask questions. Its a tough task, but our expertise will help you get on the right track.

Services We Offer

Optimizing product sales and services to resolve customer needs is the essence of a successful business. Joshua Management’s long-term statistical evaluation of demographics and purchasing skills set us apart in identifying the goods and services that each market’s clientele is likely to purchase.

  • Facility Amenities – Ensure your facility has all of the wants and needs of your customer base.
  • Office Décor – Make the inside of your business office communicate the message that you mean business. Putting your best face forward is just as important as keeping storage units properly maintenance.
  • Unit Mix – Determine the right balance for the demographics in your neighborhood.
  • Unit Leasing – Strike the right balance in determining leasing supply and demand.
  • Retail Items Selection – Keep your moving supplies stocked just right for optimum profit margins.
  • Product Displays – Use proven best practices to move your retail items off the floor.
  • Sales Procedures – Develop a solid system for closing in on product sales and services.