Marketing Plans

Joshua Management’s marketing plans can assist you with a range of programs and campaigns to introduce you to your target market. Each marketing plan is location specific, both to the public you want to attract and the competitors you want to beat. Only a campaign targeted specifically to your facility, competitors and clients can be cost-effective.

The key to maximizing your investment return is not only to incorporate marketing tactics that do generate and retain your customers, but also to exclude marketing opportunities that do not. From website advertising to one on one customer service, Joshua Management has the knowledge to cost-effectively market your store. With an 88% client retention rate, we know what it takes to make a successful self storage operation.

Services We Offer

  • Grand Openings – Put your best face forward with proven marketing plans. Your Grand Opening is the first impression your neighborhood will get of your storage facility. With more than 300 facilities erected, we know what it takes to make you successful.
  • Demographic Advertising – We’ll help match you up with the right customer base. Seasonal and local economic factors are just a couple of considerations we can assist you in factoring into your strategy.
  • Customer Promotions – Develop the most effective campaigns to get the most return on your investment. Keep your units full and reach retail goals using Joshua Management’s marketing plans.
  • Client Retention – Keep your customers once you acquire them using self storage management best practices. Let our nearly three decades of experience work for you!