self-storage-auditingIndependent Auditing

The physical status of the property, the effectiveness of personnel and potential exposure to harm require an industry expert to detect the nuances that make a difference. We have the experience of developing, owning, and operating our own stores, as well as managing for others. Joshua Management also has produced numerous facility evaluations for purchase and sale, affording us the opportunity to appraise many methods of financial depiction. We know how to evaluate what we see, and what recommendation to make.

Why Independent Auditing?

While there’s a good chance your self storage managers are an honest lot, independent auditing is still an essential piece to any storage operation. This is crucial at various levels, including loss prevention, efficiency and proper training in policies and procedures. There’s no standard time an audit must take place, but if you’d like structure they can be scheduled quarterly or biannually. Keeping an element of surprise works to the owner’s advantage, as well as holding audits when management changes or before employee reviews.

Services We Offer

Benefit from our decades of independent auditing experience assisting more than 300 storage facilities – our 88% client retention rate is a testament to the impact we’ve had on self storage owners.

  • Operational Audits – Allow us to apply our expertise to determining whether your self storage facility is operating at full capacity. We can solve many issues with a variety of issues with our proven techniques.
  • Financial Audits – Keep the financial future of your self storage company stable with regular financial auditing. From accounts receivables and payables to analyzing profit, we can ensure your finances are air-tight.
  • Procedural Audits – Ensure your facility is enforcing policies and procedures to keep your business in sound standing. A solid process is essential, and independent auditing is the best way to ensure it.