self-storage-facility-managementSelf Storage Facility
Management Consulting

From hiring the right personnel to mastering the books, self storage facility management can be a daunting task. Because self storage is seemingly simple compared to managing other businesses, it’s essential to see the bigger picture to be successful. Benefit from the decades of experience that Joshua Management offers. If you’d rather focus more on ownership and less on the trials and errors of management, let our expertise work for you. We offer consulting that helps get you set up for success. During our time together we get things in order so that your business has the right team and systems in place.

Consulting Services We Offer

Property Management Consulting – Trying the learn the ropes of self storage facility management is a job in itself, not to mention actually managing the facility. Let us jump in and show you the tools we’ve learned along the way using proven methods accumulated over decades.

Accounting – Not all accounting jobs are created equal. Our extensive bookkeeping experience specific to self storage will keep your finances air-tight and set you up for success. We’ll help you determine whether your revenue is covering your cost and position your facility to reach its full earning potential.

Leasing – From contracts to other administration duties, let us help navigate the leasing aspect of self storage facility management. Occupancy space versus customers, seasonal spikes and dips and local economies are just some of the aspects to consider in the leasing process.

Personnel Management Consulting – It takes a certain set of qualities to make an ideal self storage employee.  During the consulting phase, we help recruit and manage the right personality types for self storage facilities nationwide. Self-motivation, work ethic and attention to detail are just some of the aspects one must look for when hiring employees in the self storage industry.

Marketing – Unlike many industries, self storage facility managers can’t rely on the “build it and they will come” adage. Self storage marketing isn’t about convincing customers they need to pay money to store their belongings – our advanced strategies can help you achieve optimum self storage facility management.

If what you are looking for is a company like us to manage the daily operations of the business, check out the third party storage management services we offer and how we can help your self storage business thrive.