self-storage-trainingEmployee/Owner Training

If you’re interested in being a hands-on manager of your self storage unit, Joshua Management’s employee/owner training offers the basic skills for a successful operation. Our staff can train on-site, setting performance standards as we guide managers on the ropes. It’s our job to make sure your business is successfully run and profitable. Once the construction of your facility is complete, don’t let your momentum end there – how your facility is operated is just as crucial.

The self storage industry is simple on the outside, but once you dig deeper you learn the ins and outs of how to ensure you make a profit. More than 28 years and 300 facilities have taught us what it takes to have a successful self storage business. Our 88% client retention rate is a testament to how many self storage owners we have helped achieve success.

Services We Offer

Joshua Management’s employee/owner training includes the introduction of self storage management software to keep operations streamlined. Employees will learn the best practices of operating a self storage facility, as well as how to employ the most effective marketing. Finally, they will become professionals as keeping the storage units in tip-top shape.

As owners, one must be adept at auditing the business and making improvements where necessary. They also must be able to have an air-tight accounting system and mastery of employment legal issues. Joshua Management’s employee/owner training will help guide self storage owners so that they will have a well-oiled machine.

  • Employee Training – Once you’ve secured the right staff, make sure they keep the business in shape with:
    • Software
    • Operating Procedures
    • Marketing
    • Maintenance
  • Owner Training – We set up owners for success using tried and true practices acquired over decades of experience.
    • Software
    • Audit Procedures
    • Accounting
    • Employee Management Legal Issues